Line-Up, Poster etc. etc.

You haven't heard from us in two weeks because we were busy getting the line-up ready. We were thinking about announcing the bands bit by bit but what's anticipation in portions good for when you can have all the excitement at once!
So here they are, the bands that will make you hope september wasn't a two months time away.

You already know Lucky Soul will come over from the UK to give you indie pop bliss on Saturday - two more acts will head over to the mainland for Indie Pop Days:

The amazing RAY RUMOURS, our secret favourite at last year's Indietracks, and the dazzling group of people that is ALLO DARLIN'!
Ray Rumours formerly of the legendary Electrelane will definitely be a refresher on Sunday afternoon with her folky, uplifting songs about roadtrips and being honest with yourself while Allo Darlin' make the crowd dance for sure with their debut album that's a contender for best indie pop album 2010.

If this wasn't enough we have yet another headliner to announce. There's an awful lot of bands coming from Sweden (oh really) and these guys are at any rate one of the best dancy indie pop outfits hailing from Gothenburg. We're talking about..
Yes, you heard right! We're very happy to have them coming over for an exclusive show.

If you think indie pop in Germany is dead you apparently haven't heard of MIKROFISCH. They are more into listening to Scottish synth pop bands than making up but we share the liking of social interaction as both their hit song and our name wants to encourage people to kiss.

Still there are more bands hand-picked at dawn to be served to you on the first weekend of September: Berlin folk darlings FALK & DIE WIESE, Cologne based ENTERTAINMENT FOR THE BRAINDEAD, the lovely STARS IN COMA and to make INDIE POP DAYS a totally European event we give you Spanish punk popsters ZIPPER.

Let's kiss and make up is more than thrilled to have all these bands play! Now have a look at the wonderful poster Roman at Apfel Zet made for us - soon to be pasted all over Berlin!

Ticket infos are coming soon.

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