Those were the Days

Dear all,

the 2nd edition of Indie Pop Days are over now, isn't it sad? We guess everybody needs to get some rest now, because we had an extraordinary long and wonderful time with all of you at the Wasserturm Kreuzberg. But first we would like to thank all of our lovely Bands and DJs, they all did amazing and heartwarming performances! And we would like to send lots of hugs and kisses to our beautiful and kind audience! Thanks for coming, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Thumbs up and a very big thanks to all of our dear friends and helpers* and to the Wasserturm-Team. Last but not least we'd love to say thanks to Aloha Surfsoda, taz, zitty and Byte.fm for all the support!

*Luise, Birgit, Karina, Matthias, Dirk & Dirk, Nina, Lina, Markus, Lukas, Remi, Nouriya, Andre, Theodora, Robin, Roman,Torsten, Jörg, Hari. THANK YOUUUUUU SO MUCH!!!

And now everybody can get nostalgic with this brilliant video by Nouriya. She filmed the whole weekend and she's great in editing, as you can see here, so stay excited about a little film about the Indie Pop Days coming up in the end of the year!

Indie Pop Days - Young Wrists from SpunkyDavis on Vimeo.