When life gets at you...

Hi everyone,

we were so sure everything was fixed but as it happens from time to time, we were not sure enough.

Let's start from the beginning. You might remember how excited we were to present Aberdeen to you. The band confirmed, they would like to play at the Indie Pop Days Festival 2011 and we were happy. But unfortunately there were some disagreements within the band, which is why we were told, there might be some problems, but none one couldn't solve.

It went from 'we are playing' to 'we are playing friday' to 'we are not sure we are going to make it' to 'we are coming!' to 'We can't make it'. And that was it... Whew, what a ride!

We are sorry to tell you, we truly are, but Aberdeen can not make it to our festival. In case you want to return the ticket you already bought, we are unhappy not to see you at the festival, but that's totally your decision and not a problem. Just get in touch with us and we'll send your money back!

On the bright side, we are working on finding another group of musicians who would like to come and play on stage of our festival. We can't say much more about it for now, but be sure that we will let you know as soon as we figured something out.

And let's all be reminded there are a whole bunch of other great bands, in fact someone of us counted 16, which is quite an okay amount of music to experience for two days, don't you think? Among them for example The Wave Pictures with their beautiful song Like a Drummer:



Fellow readers,

we already told you what there is to know about the bands that are going to play at our festival this summer. You can see the complete list on the right side of this very fair page with links to every band.
But! There is even more to experience at our festival than live-bands! We are also going to DJ on this occasion and we are not going to be on our own behind the dj-tables.

We happily announce that Tim Gane from Stereolab is going to join us behind the turntables, so that is probably going to be a hat full of fun!

You might also know Tim Gane's djing colleague (or is it the other way around?) Alex Bechberger. They are a good team at the turntables, which they already proved at the broadcasting show Rock/Pop am Montag on reboot.fm. You can still listen to the great session by Tim Gane and Alex Bechberger. Alex's second guest at this session is Jeremy Novac.

So, that's the situation here: we've got the precious dj-team Let's kiss and make up and very special guest DJs on Friday and Alex Bechberger accompanied by Tim Gane on Saturday! How does that sound to you? Right, it sounds like a lot of fun. Put on your dancing shoes!

See you very soon, dear dancers.


Still need a summer soundtrack?

Dear all,

first of all we would like to thank all the people at Down by the River for a beautiful day with lots of nice people, friends and lovely music everywhere. We had a really amazing day! Our favorite Bands were My Two Toms, Stranded Horse and of course Jeffrey Lewis & the Junkyard!

Now were much more looking forward to our own Festival, only 33 days to go! Wohoooo!

For today we are sooo in love with the Italian Duo Young Wrists and recommend you this as the perfect soundtrack for the last weeks of summer. You can download their new EP here for free.

And you just have to listen to the song July 1986 if you're into jingly-jangly lo-fi nostalgia. We are!

July 1986 by Indie Pop Days


Down by the River Festival 2011

Dear music lovers,

Down by the River Festival is top of our list this weekend. We will be there on Saturday with our wellies, rain capes and polka-doted brolly. You see we are well prepared - Even if it rains!

Down by the River is located where? - yes, of course this festival is located very very close to the Spree. In the past years the organisers had chosen bar 25 for the All-dayer. As bar 25 had to close - unfortunately investors have other plans with this piece of land - Down by the River has found a new home at the Kater. It's opposite bar 25 on the river bank in Kreuzberg.

Wow!There are a lot of bands playing for a one day festival! They have two stages on that site but it's a limited capacity for both so you'll have to be there 30 minutes before to see your favourite band!

The Line-Up is too long to tell you about all the bands. So we just recommend you these few bands:

Stranded Horse play minimalistic songs à la Nick Drake on the kora, a traditional harp from West Africa. Or the Spongies - this band seems to be a "Surprise"-band as the festival website doesn't give any information about this Berlin band. But they already played a support for Grass Widow in Berlin some weeks ago. And we had fun!

Anti-Folk musician and comic book artist Jeffrey Lewis already played Down by the River in 2009. With his mixture of complex lyrics in "Sprechgesang" combined sometimes with noisy -raw punk attitudes we think the organisers have chosen a great headliner for this years festival!

So now it's up to you. Pack your stuff and join this lovely festival! You will find us there even if it rains...! But now we'll send lots of prayers to the weather gods!


Let's Dance And Make Up today!

Hi all!

Are you at the Melt!Festival this weekend? It is sold out, so some of you are definitely going to be there, we assume. Well, we are staying in Berlin, weatherforecast doesn't look so good either, so why bother. Ah, right, Pulp are going to play... Well, then!

In case you are in town, too, why don't you come to our party at King Kong Klub this Saturday. If you want, it's no problem to play Pulp for us, either. Of course, it's not live, but we are nice, too!

Furthermore we have some great visuals for you, in case you get tired because of too much dancing. So come along and say hi!

The DJ-Team Let's Kiss And Make Up


Thanks for stopping by!

Dear reader and fleamarket-visitor,

we would like to thank all of you for coming out and finding us at the Mauerpark fleamarket. Who could have asked for more? The sun was shining perfectly, everyone was kind and we were super happy about the fact that everybody seemed to be very interested in our posters. We agree, they are very beautiful! Not only did we sell a bunch of posters but also a couple of tickets, so that went well!

We hope you had a great day, too and enjoyed our tunes and stuff! Here are some pictures of this beautiful event. These pictures were taken by Matthias Heiderich, all rights are reserved. In case you want to use them, please ask.


Guide to experience a great weekend in a couple of steps

Phew, there is a lot going on these days. It's all about fashion and clothes and stuff at the moment, since there's this tiny little Berlin Fashion Week going on.

But there is more to experience than the runwayshows and high-class invitation-only-superduper whatever-events, let me tell you! For example there's the Moderummel at Rummelsburger Bucht. The magic is going to happen from Friday afternoon 3 p.m. until the last guest has left the beach! You can experience fashion, there is also going to be a runwayshow and a fashionmarket with young designers presenting their ideas of fashion. Chances are high to find a nice piece of fine cloth-art, but save some money for the bar and, of course, the rest of the weekend.

There are a whole bunch of opportunities on how to spend your Saturday. Let's say, you've had enough of the troubles and need a quiet, peaceful day. Well, in case the weather is friendly, why don't you make a trip to the Wannsee or hop on your bike for a ride through Brandenburg. Go by S-Bahn as far out of the city as you can and then find out on your own, where the street leads you to. A card as a safety-backup is a good idea and nothing to be ashamed of! In case you are more the type of person who never gets enough of the excitement, Berlin always has to offer, go and check out Berlin Wedding Dress #6 but make sure not to get an consuming-overkill since there is this very dear fleamarket with some pretty nice and cool persons waiting for you to step by (already told you about). Saturday night? Well, do I have to remind you that the open-air cinema-season has started?

Sunday is going to be a very nice day! After a walk at the Mauerpark fleamarket in Prenzlauer Berg and a couple of hours in the sun, join us at the Volksbühne for the Abschlusskonzert with Esben & the Witch, Deerhoof and Tu Fawning.Better hurry up and buy a ticket before it's sold out.

Did you already have plans or better ideas than ours? Let us know!
However, have a great weekend. We'll meet at the fleamarket, don't we?


Fleamarkets are fun, everybody knows that!

Especially when there are so many nice things to find like at the Mauerpark on Sundays. This time a visit is going to be even more worthy to consider, because some of us will be selling awesome stuff. There are going to be a couple of nice dresses, some rare vinyl to buy and as a special treat we have our new INDIE POP DAYS bags for you to purchase.

That's all? Nope.
We also have a special offer for everyone who buys a ticket at our fleamarket-stand. Come visit us and get your INDIE POP DAYS Festival weekend-ticket for just 30 Euro each!

Well, that sounds great, but how would i recognize you, one might think. And we have the solution to that, too. In case you can't see us right away, just follow the sound of our portable record-player!

Usually we are not a jukebox, but if you want to recommend one of your favorite tunes on vinyl, why don't you bring it and we can listen to it together. Or suggest them in the comments so we can figure out if we already own the record and there won't be any need for you to carry it all the way there!


The fleamarket starts at around 10 a.m. and lasts until 6 p.m. We are very much looking forward to meeting you there and hope you find some nice things among our stuff and/or at the rest of the market! But even if you don't do the live-karaoke is worth a visit and a tune. 

So let's all hope for nice weather and meet at the Mauerparkmarkt!


Some good news, some not-so-good news

Hi everyone,

today we need to announce something that made us sort of unhappy but it has to get out.
Unfortunately Je Suis Animal can't come to this year's Indie Pop Days. We know they were really looking forward to playing at our beloved festival but due to personal problems they just can't make it. We will think of you, members of Je Suis Animal. Maybe another time!
Until then there are still their albums we can listen to.

So that was the sad part of the story. The happy part is that we found another band we are very happy to announce: they call themselves Sundae and make adorable Indiepop/Shoegaze en Español! Even if not everyone of us aces at Spanish we still like to listen to their tunes and are happy to welcome Sundae to Indie Pop Days!

You might want to find out for yourself if you like Sundae, too. Even though we are pretty sure about it, you can download a couple of songs at Sundae's homepage!
We are curious what you think, so feel free, as always, to leave a comment!

Hope to hear from you!
Have a nice weekend.