The Wave Pictures (UK)

The Wave Pictures, one of the hardest working and most prolific bands in the UK, return with their new album ‘Beer In the Breakers’ (produced by Darren Hayman of Hefner) on Moshi Moshi Records to their favorite gig-place Berlin. They got the whole package: an unique and amiable singing voice, heartbreaking melodies, brilliant, witty lyrics and last but not least guitar solos that leave you feel entertained instead of embarrassed.

Wake The President (UK)

The twin fronted Wake the President are a fantastic C86/indie pop band, very inspired by the old stories only an old Scottish working town like Glasgow knows. Erik and Bjorn Sandberg, the founding members, are witty storytellers with a sense for melody, that hits this one particular soft spot in your heart. Their second album Zumutung! will be out in September. But before this date they’ll make us all dancing, clapping and hugging everybody as appropriate close for this years Indie Pop Days.

Darren Hanlon (AUS)

Darren Hanlon is an Australian singer/songwriter who plays urban folk music and is sort of an expert for beautiful things. Before becoming a solo artist in 1999, he was a member of the Simpletons, and contributed backing guitar and keyboards for the Lucksmiths and Mick Thomas. Darren is known for his engagement with his audiences, through his down-to-earth storytelling at live gigs as well as his charming lyrics.

Woodpigeon (CAN)

Woodpigeon is Mark Andrew Hamilton, Calgary-based songwriter and ring-leader of an ever expanding and contracting line-up of musicians. Hamilton is one of the most proficient and ambitious canadian songwriters.He pushes aside the fabric of reality to create a fantastic musical realm where truth is found in fiction, and fiction is found in song. Meet your new indie folk hero on Friday at INDIE POP DAYS!

Clay Hips [Ex- The Fairways] (USA/GER)

Andrew Leavitt and Kenji Kitahama founded the band Clay Hips after playing in the japanese-westcoast classic band The Fairways. Both live in Europe now, Andrew found a home in Ireland, Kenji in Germany, to be precise in Munich. As Clay Hips they create some of the warmest, most inviting indie pop of the last decade. This will be their first show ever so don’t miss their gig, this is a true insider tip!

Television Keeps Us Apart (SWE)

Their names are Carl and Axel, they are from Stockholm and they produce beautiful electronic based indie pop in the tradition of bands like Radio Dept. Melancholic and sunny pop blend together with rough beats, guitars and a haunting voice producing a sound that simply can't go unnoticed.

Soda Fountain Rag (NOR)

Soda Fountain Rag is a unique anti-folk synthpop project, revolving around Ragnhild Hogstad Jordahl, an accomplished multi-instrumentalist living in Bergen, Norway. That’s the situation in the studio. Live, Soda Fountain Rag is a power trio consisting of course Ragnhild, whose stand-up singing-and-drumming is a sight to behold, and the faithful duo of guitarist Anders and bass player Stian who provide an energetic backing. An original, focused and fun live act!

Kristallin (GER)

You can hear that Kristallin, based in Hamburg, are definitely influenced by bands like The Wedding Present, Primal Scream and The Brilliant Corners. But nonetheless Kristallin is not a new band in the indiepop/twee-scene and still they manage to develop their own style. They’ve already released their first single in 1999.  After a break they present their new 7” “Mrs Brilliant”, dedicaded to Britta Brilliant, singer of the former band Legendary Bang.

Pretend A Great Name (GER)

Pretend a Great Name, a young 4-membered band from Berlin, started to work on some ideas last summer and record them in a small attic.  Today the band sounds like a dreamy mixture of The Cure, Slowdive and The Wake. Reverb meets soft synths tunes, a subtle bass line and fast drums make this sound the perfect balance between pop and shoegaze. Welcome to the past future! 

Young Wrists (IT)

If you're in desperate need for a healthy dose of wistful, 80s-steeped twee pop then we've got just the fix for you: Young Wrists from Pesaro, Italy, write ridiculously catchy, brooding and hazy, jingly-jangly, noise pop with a unique female voice singing thoughtful and deep lyrics.

Sorry Gilberto (GER)

‘It was the longest day and we don’t know how to end it’- is not the motto of this years INDIE POP DAYS, not at all, but the title of Sorry Gilberto’s third album. Anne von Keller and Jakob Dobers already are well known and liked in Berlins Indie Pop scene. Even if they are just two band members they produce a lot of different sounds with their broad variety of instruments - not to forget the Glockenspiel and Ukulele. Sorry Gilbertos rich melodies fit perfectly to their smart and shy lyrics.

Our Blanket Skies (GER)

Our Blanket Skies is a songwriter/onepersonband, living in Kreuzberg, Berlin. He likes folk hymns, hum-along-choruses and the swing of ancient musicals. He loves ukulele. He talks to a monster iunder his bed. He's hopelessly in love with a vampire and knows that we're all sailors on the river of time and will have to pass one day. But till that day comes, we should join in and sing along to his tunes!

copyright by: tru light/niels kramer

Der Elegante Rest (GER)

Der Elegante Rest is one of the Berlin based bands (and also Leipzig) at INDIE POP DAYS. This band really produces pop music. It doesn’t matter if you discover them on cd or live in concert, pop is all around in their songs whilst never gets odd.. There is always this smell of romantic ideas in Der Elegante Rest’s lyrics, written by Jörg Wolchinas, mixed with very catchy melodies.

Nils Folke Valdemar (SWE)

Nils Folke Valdemar releases his songs containing lyrics "of goliaths, of fear, of birds, of the night, of youth, of you, of himself" on his own and wants you to listen to them in first line, not pay for them to make him rich. We think that's a nice attitude. And we like his personal lyrics, his charming melodies and how he plays the guitar or ukulele. Nils Folke Valdemar sings ordinary popsongs; mundane and metaphorical. Don't be surprised to be amazed at how little it takes to say so much.

Sundae (ESP)

The Band Sundae play adorable Dream Pop en Español! Even if not everyone of us aces at Spanish we still like to listen to their tunes and are happy to welcome Sundae to Indie Pop Days! Be prepared for soft melodies, songs that build up and let you get carried away on a wave of sweet voices and great tunes.

Amida (UK)

Amida are an indie/pop 5-piece-band, founded in Manchester, November 2005. Their debut EP ‘Arts & Crafts’ was released on the Peru-based independent label Plastilina Records. Already their following EP was released on WeePOP! This will be the third Wee Pop Band (last year The Felt Tips & Allo Darlin’) playing at the Indie Pop Days because they are just too good. How Does It Feel To Be Loved? outline: ‘Quietly cool and gloriously romantic indie pop janglers’.