Finally the pre-sale is starting. There is a chance to buy a weekend-ticket on our blog. You can pre-order a ticket combining Saturday and Sunday exclusively from us for 32€. Orders are possible via Paypal. Please leave your full name, we'll write down your name on the "prepaid list" once you've ordered a ticket. This also means you have to bring your ID or passport to Wasserturm so we can be sure we're handing out tickets to the right person.

If you're not sure yet if you can go to both days you can buy tickets at the door on Saturday and Sunday for the particular day. Friday evening you can get tickets at the Wasserturm only.

Weekend-Ticket (SAT & SUN)


Concert-Alert: Papercuts and Our Blanket Skies tomorrow!

Hi to our adorable readers,

this weekend includes an opportunity for all of you! And by saying 'an' we mean two.
We are pretty glad to tell you that Papercuts are going to play their european tour's final show in Berlin. The concert has been booked by Puschen, who always know really great and interesting bands so who would want to miss that? Right. Nobody.

Let's get to the practical facts. The concert is going to happen
  1. tomorrow, Saturday evening
  2. at the Comet Club in Kreuzberg
  3. and it's going to be really cool.

You might want to be on time (9 pm), because the second opportunity is also quite a treat! Our blanket skies is going to perform a couple of songs and as we all know he will be playing at our Indie Pop Days Festival, too.

It is going to be super duper, that's what we are betting on. And if you miss Our Blanket Skies, well, don't be too sad, because he will be playing again. It's just that every show is unique, but one can't always make it on time, eh?

We hope to see you at the concert.
Nonetheless, whatever you do, have a marvellous weekend with lots of stuff you like!


Last but definitely not least: Young Wrists, Television Keeps Us Apart & Woodpigeon

Hi fellow followers,

the time has come to announce that we are through with booking. We are happy about the confirmations we received and really look forward to the festival with every single band that is going to play. Hopefully (we are 99% sure) you like them, too. Tell us, what do you think about the last four bands we proudly announce today?

Let's start this last round with Young Wrists, a lo-fi-duo from Italy. Alberto and Letizia make nice 80ies synthie- lo-fi-pop and on their second album wasted youth they actually also sing about this century, or to be more precise, about one specific event that took place in June 1986.

Young Wrists / July 1986 from Enrico Boccioletti on Vimeo.

What event might that have been? We are still wondering. Maybe there is a chance to find out more about this when we meet in person, because Young Wrists are going to play at the Indie Pop Days Festival as well, which is benissimo!

Young Wrists

If you wanted to visit the next band you'd have to move much more north, so it's a good thing they are also playing in Berlin, way more comfy! It's a pleasure for us to host Television keeps us apart from Stockholm, Sweden. Check out their website and download the fabulous album 'A Slight Change Of Light' for free.

Television keeps us apart


Whew! So much is new

Hi Fans,

what's going on outside?
Suddenly everyone is happy happy yeah yeah sweaty sweaty. We became quite fond of this state of mind and recommend enjoying the weather as long as it lasts.
Further things we started enjoying a lot lately:
- eating asparagus with tiny new potatoes and lemonsauce
- putting strawberries in a glas of sparkling wine
- biking around with our favorite tunes in ear
- hanging around with friends outside wherever we are.
Yay, summer, we like you!

But let's get to the topic. Even though we love hanging around and want to be in the warm sunlight all the time, we don't forget our duties and continue working on the booking list for  our highlight (hopefully yours, too) of this fantastic summer, the marvellous Indie Pop Days Berlin! To be honest, that is a fun duty so we like doing what we do anyway.

We are glad to announce that Nils Folke Valdemar happily agreed to play at our festival. For those of you who don't know his music containing songs "of goliaths, of fear, of birds, of the night, of youth, of you, of himself" check out his homepage where you can download a couple of his albums.

He releases his records on his own and wants you to listen to them in first line, not pay for them to make him rich. We think that's a nice attitude. And we like his personal lyrics, his charming melodies and how he plays the guitar. So that's going to be another show you really shouldn't miss!

Do you know WeePOP! records? You probably do, like us. WeePOP! records is this nice label where 'Allo Darlin' in 2007, at that time named 'The Darlings', released their first EP "The Photo". WeePOP! records usually release EPs and mini-albums in a limited number of copies. It makes us glad to have another band from the WeePOP! records at this year's festival. We are talking about Amida, their awesome mixture of great styles and suggest you listen to their songs on your own if you aren't already familiar with their albums, because we are not in the mood for genre- or namedropping. All we can say is it's fun listening to Amida and we already started practicing our funky dancemoves for their show to impress you with great choreographies. So we are definitely going to be at the dancefloor during Amidas set and hope to meet you there!

Darren Hanlon is sort of an expert for beautiful things. He has been working as a solo artist since 1999, before that he was a member of the Simpletons, and contributed backing guitar and keyboards for the Lucksmiths, the Dearhunters, and Mick Thomas. Hanlon also founded his own music label called flippin yeah industries when his former label Candle Records shut down.

He is not only known for adorable music videos (you can watch them all on myspace/youtube and it's worth it!) where he mostly works together with director Natalie van den Dungen, he is also popular for getting along nicely with any kind of audience . Hanlon always seeks the dialogue with the public and is not afraid to tell personal stuff in a witty way, so that's another thing to look forward to regarding Indie Pop Days Berlin!

Are there any questions? Until now we introduced almost every band we invited to play at our festival and still there are more great gigs to announce. For today this should do. We are out!

Have a really great afternoon and enjoy whatever you do!


With a little help..

Aloha Surfsoda, taz. die tageszeitung, Zitty and ByteFM we're able to organise our festival.
The team behind Indie Pop Days is very happy to have those four as supporters for this year. A lot would not be possible without them.

We have Aloha Surfsoda helping us, a supertasty lemonade with a tropical flavour that will be sold at Wasserturm Kreuzberg.
Then there is the famous independent newspaper taz. die tageszeitung who's supporting us and moreover the always up-to-date and hugely comprehensive Berlin magazine Zitty.
Last not but least ByteFM, Germany's most innovative and diverse web radio is one of our partners, too.

A big thank you to all of them!