Update! Music and stuff.

Hey admired reader and festival-friends!

We hope you have a nice week so far and enjoy this strange weather. Regarding the weather: we, the festival creators and bloggers, are all based in Berlin. So how is the weather at your place and where are you making your living at the moment? Seems a silly question but we would like to know, especially if there is a vibrating twee-scene at your place. And we are sure you would like to know more about the bands that are going to be our entertaining guests. The confirmations are getting more and more, in fact we are almost done with the booking. But there is still enough time for surprises and changes. For now we can say the following:

You might know 'Der elegante Rest' if you are in to bands like Ja, Panik because Der elegante Rest were the opening act for them a while ago. It's like a group of mods who got the blues, one might think while listening to their almost orchestral songs. They just got it. Thoughtful lyrics (in german though), nice rhythm skills and this shy kind of wit we all are so keen on. Der elegante Rest was founded in Leipzig five years ago. Enough time to gain some experience on stage and in the studio. We are happy to welcome them and look forward to their performance!

Our Blanket Skies have this song written by Matthias F. Brasch, whose project it is, wrote on his own and it's about to thank people for their help. It has the fitting title 'I thank you' and we would like to say thank you, too. Because not only do Our Blanket Skies play music that reminds us of the famous musician Beirut from time to time, the lack of drums, kind and melancholic arrangements but also happy ukulele- or as Matthias F. Brasch would call it ukulilli- sounds are a pretty nice way to put it. Our Blanket Skies, especially Matthias, have also been part of the team that brought the second edition of the Berlin Melodica Festival to us this year, which happened in the Görlitzer Park and gave everyone a great time! This to say we are glad to meet you again in August at our very own little festival, Our Blanket Skies!

Well, that should be it for today. We are considering going to Ty Segalls show at West Germany in Kreuzberg tonight. But we are not sure because Andrew Jacksoon Jihad is also going to play music tonight. For Free! That's a tough one. What would our readers do?

Have a marvellous time anyway!


Summer in sight, great bands too!

Dear friends, fans and lovers,

as spring rolls on and May greets us with the insight that transition still does exist the festival is taking shape bit by bit, actually great bit by even greater bit. Those familiar with Berlin trivia might know that the 1st of May is a day of celebration and rejoicing. We did no less and cheered our new line-up confirmations.

Which are...

the legendary Wave Pictures!

The Berlin-friendly David Tattersall, Franic Rozycki and Jonny Helm are the cream of the crop of everything labelled Modern Folk/Singer-Songwriter/ETC. Trust us, they are awesome. The Wave Pictures got the whole package: the wit, the unique and amiable singing voice, the heartbreaking melodies, brilliant lyrics and last but not least guitar solos that leave you feel entertained instead of embarrassed.
It might not come as a surprise that with this talent they've already released several albums but would you have guessed a total of 13 plus EPs, singles and miscellaneous stuff? This is insane!
You basically HAVE to come to Indie Pop Days to hear songs from the band's latest album "Beer in the Breakers" (released this Monday) and a round-up of their secret hits. This is one of them:

Next on our list is the charming duo Clay Hips, also known as Andrew and Kenji (Ex-The Fairways!).

They sure know how to handle a bit of Simon & Garfunkel smoothness without falling into the cheese pot. So it was to be expected that many mourned their disappearance from the world of pop when they moved to different parts of the globe. But! now the boys are back to sing you those bittersweet songs even Lazy Line Painter Jane would hop on the bus for. Keep an eye out, you might see her in the crowd.

To complete today's good news let us tell you you'll get the chance to witness members of a dying breed: Marsh Marigold's Kristallin! a stunning pop band born and raised and living in Germany.

Breaking hearts and beer bottles since 1998 Kristallin know how to entertain and enchant. The band is doing an excellent job showing love for their idols' ramshackle and frisky kind of pop (The Wedding Present, Primal Scream and all that) and blending in their very own charm. We recommend checking out their brilliantly written biography!

Give them bands a listen and try to come up with reasons not to attend Indie Pop Days.
Can you think of any? We told you so.