You better did your homework for the Pop-Quiz with Anders!

Wow! What a first night! Some of us are still dancing to the fabulous Set of Sleater Timmy & Abso LuLou. Some of us are back on the internet.
First we'd like to thank our lovely Bands for superduper great shows: Fulhäst, The Spook School, Be Forest & Azure Blue and of course the Lofi-DJs for the terrific music inbetween the concerts.
And thanks to our beautiful and charming audience too!

But there is one thing we have to tell you, before we can go to sleep:

On Saturday afternoon you are invited to come to the beergarden Republik Frank und Frei for the Pop Quiz. Of course it's free! Just join us there.

Before the saturdays concerts, at 5 to 6 pm, Anders is going to challenge your popcultural knowledge at one of the toughest battles ever (almost and maybe). Let's find out who scores the most points in this tough game! Will there be a reward? Fame and honor for the winner/winning team, maybe some gifts too? Well, we will find out Saturday in the afternoon, so be there or be square.

Wooohooo it's today!

And the Line-Up for today looks like that:

Fulhäst (SWE/UK) 8 - 8:45pm

The Spook School (SCOT) 9:15 - 10:15pm

Be Forest (IT) 10:30 - 11:30pm

Azure Blue (SWE) 00:00 - 0:55pm

+++ DJs

Lo-Fi DJs

Sleater Timmy &Abso LuLou

1pm- open end


It's fixed!

Dear everybody,

well, the time has finally come. Please welcome this year's timetable!

Just make sure to arrive on time so that you don't miss any of the magnificent bands and DJs we invited for this years Indie Pop Days Festival! Not sure who exactly that was? Then have a look at our Line-Up again!

As life is always up for some surprises the starting times may change during the weekend, we'll keep you updated on Facebook and Twitter (please follow us!) and of course at the venue.

All the best,
your Indie Pop Festival Girls!

DJs are popstars too, you know?

Hello everyone!

Well, you already heard about the awesome bands you are going to see at this years Indie Pop Days Festival in Berlin. But what about the DJs? They are hopefully going to be the ones keeping you up and dancing all night long. So here we go!

Friday night we have invited Sleater Timmy and Abso LuLou to play their favorite indie pop'n' dance-records for you.The  Lo-Fi club Djs are going to play before and between concerts. They are experts in awesome lo-fi music and love to see you on the dancefloor or enjoy a nice song just hanging around.

What else? Big Pink Cake are going to play their finest tunes to get you through the time between gigs. Do you know how it all started? Well, the story goes something like this: 

Matthew and Heather had looked at the impact that it had had on their lives... Matthew was pretty convinced that it had shaped the 90s and beyond and it needed to be celebrated. So they celebrate it they did... as a one off and then the ball kept rolling. First, in London then moving to Bristol. Big Pink Cake has now put on many many gigs, indie pop parties, weekenders and more recently the 'Lawrence of Belgravia' film. It also became a record label concentrating on the indie pop aesthetic that is so true to the bone of the Big Pink Cake idea and celebration of all things indie pop.

Matthew from Big Pink Cake is going to get you through the night after the last concert. Ian Cowen from The Sunny Street/ Pocketbooks will join him. But who is going to be the lucky DJ-Team for the day? No one else but the famous Sonic Pop Allnighter DJ-Team. If you ever went out for one of their dj-gigs filled with adorable hits from french film-noir soundtracks or sugarsweet tweesingles or even this long time forgotten britpopsong you secretly longed for hearing again, maybe it will become true this saturday, who knows. It's always different and always nice with the guys from Sonic Pop Allnighter!

What else? Natalie Stardust prepared a beautiful indie-souly sundayset for you to listen to before and between the bands. Afterwards she might join you on the dancefloor, our all second home, for a swing to the tunes of Tandberg and Anders. Well but who knows what it means when they announce they bring their favourite records from their home. Do they want to play rarities, classics and musical pearls from Norway?

Well, that's about it! We are looking forward to the DJ-sets as much as we look forward to the bands and artists performing on stage. It's only one day left before the party begins and there is not much more to say than: YAAAY! 

Love to see you so very soon!!


The Spook School live at FluxFM

Our Scottish Darlings will be on the radio tomorrow afternoon (August 30th.).

Tune in around 5pm, or use the livestream here:

You'll also get the last chance for some free tickets for the Friday shows.

Thanks so much to FluxFM Team!


Additional show for DIIV on Monday!

You were too late and didn't catch your tickets for the DIIV show on Tuesday? Don't be sad this time, there will be an additional show on Monday 27th August at Monarch (yes, one day before the original show takes place). Thanks to Puschen for organizing this add-on!

Need some more facts?
Doors: 9pm
DIIV: 10pm
Tickets: 10 EUR, no presales, but reservation possible under diiv@puschen.net
Please submit your full name and the number of tickets you need. Reservations are valid till 9.30pm.
The show on 28th August is definitely sold out.

See you on Monday & Tuesday, we'll be there and spin some tunes for you.


Fulhäst is getting ready to party...

In a week Fulhäst will perform in Berlin - tonight we will play some of his songs. See you at King Kong Klub for our warm up party!

Please note: the special deal tickets are for sale between 10pm and midnight. The early bird catches the worm, you know! See you in a minute, or two.


10 days to go...

until the first band kicks off the third edition of the Indie Pop Days. But before there will be some other amusements and warm up classics.

First, we have the annual Warm Up Party at King Kong Klub this Friday night (August 24th.).

We'll bring tons of awesome records and tunes for singing and dancing along with. You just have to bring yourself and your friends and maybe some good dancing shoes.
Of course we'll play the records of our festival darlings
as well. Azure Blue, Cats on Fire, The Proctors, The Spook School etc. have so many danceable hits, it'll be hard to choose for us! Well, let's play them all! The entry is free as usual, but 2 Euro with your first drink.
+ There you'll have the chance to buy some special deal weekender tickets for 45€ each! Take your chance!

Second thing not to miss before the Festival starts is the DIIV (US, Beach Fossils, Captured Tracks) concert at Monarch (August 28th.) This venue is as cosy as Marie Antoinette and it'll be sold out soon - so you better get your tickets here.

We'll spin some of our favourite tunes before the show to get you in the right mood, and later the band will get us all in the mood for the festival weekend, that's for sure.

Don't believe us?
Watch the video of  "Sometime" below. We love this band and the debut record "Oshin" is really one of the records of the year!


Win, win, win!

Do you still need tickets for the Indie Pop Days?
You can win tickets for the Saturday, thanks to our mediapartner

You just have to be quick (the competition ends today at 8pm!):
click here. Good luck everyone!

And if the luck shouldn't be your friend today: there are still tickets left at Koka 36.


Less than two weeks to go: what do you need to know?

Hi indiepopkids!

As you can imagine we are busy like a swarm of bees, putting things into place, thinking of a trillion thinks we may not forget before the party starts and still try to catch a sunbeam or two.

But: there is still time for some loving advice, so in case it's your first trip to Berlin and you can't figure out where to get a vegan sandwich in the middle of the night or if you want to know where you can get a decent breakfast that will help you through the day or maybe just through this tiny little hangover from all this tipsy-making music we prepared for you, shout it out! Also if it's not food related (I must be a bit hungry at the moment), let us know and we will try to hook you up with some of the high-value information-stuff!

All the best and see you oh so soon


I could dance all night like I'm a soul boy

We are so very excited and can't believe Indie Pop Days will start in like, a minute. Well ok, two weeks, but still pretty soon! ...for those of you who want to listen and dance to Northern Soul, Indie Pop, Baroque, Pop & Mod this Saturday we can recommend DIE ZWEI LUSTIGEN DREI + guests.

August 18th, from 22 Uhr at King Kong Klub

Oh my! That's tomorrow! Chop chop, up and on the dancefloor! See you in a minute


15 days left...

...so let's get prepared for the bands and shows with our annual soundcloud mixtape!

Due to some copyright issues there are no songs from Cats on Fire included here, meeh. But you can listen to them on our line-up page or just click here.



Last Line-Up Update: Azure Blue (SWE)

Some of you have already read the sad news on Facebook, The Give it ups had to cancel their performance as one of the members cannot make it to the festival due to health issues in the family. We wish you all the best, get well soon!

But now let's look forward to the sunny side of this post and of our line-up, which is finally complete!

The first night of Indie Pop Days 2012 will see yet another act who is playing in Germany for the first time. Our headliner on Friday will be Azure Blue, a solo project of Swedish Tobias Isaksson, known to indie popsters for his former Labrador based bands Irene and Laurel Music.

On his first album "Rule of Thirds" which was released last year on the Sweden-based Hybris-Label and internationally on Matinee Records, he is leaving the grand Indiepop sound of his Labrador releases behind to enter a world of airy synthpop, much to the enjoyment of everyone who likes analogue synthesizers and drum-machines. Once you hear one of his tunes, be sure to have it stuck in your head - proof is a click away, "dreamy eyes" and "little confusions", both singles from "Rule of Thirds".
Fans of New Order, Air France, The Go-Betweens, The Cure, Sarah and/or current favourites from Sweden like The Radio Dept. have something to look forward to.


Goodbye to A Fine Day For Sailing - Hello to The Spook School

Unfortunately, we have to tell you that A Fine Day For Sailing are not playing Indie Pop Days due to personal circumstances. We are really really sad about that cancellation but we have found another great und fresh Band to take their place. The young Scottish The Spook School will be joining the bill. Their 7" single "Here We Go" will be released on Cloudberry Records very soon.

If you want to know more about this fantastic band just have a look at their website. There you can download some of their songs for free . "History" is one of them.