Joel Gibb at Indie Pop Days 2011


This is some great news we don't want to save from you!
Joel Gibb of The Hidden Cameras will join his compatriot Mark Woodpigeon tonight at his gig during the Indie Pop Days!

We are happy to have you, Joel and so much looking forward to tonight.

See you there!

Directed by Scott Cudmore

Produced by Geoff McLean

Zero days to go!


Hi everyone,

even though we'll meet tonight there are a couple of things we want to let you know.
If you take a look at our premium edition schedule you can see we included every special treat we got for you during this festival.

Well, no. We didn't. There are a couple more things we have for you.

At first we thought some of you who travel a more or less long way to Berlin might want to stroll around in the city for a while. If you feel like doing that we have a list of recommendations regarding places, shops and fleamarkets we'd like to go to. Check it out! Those who live in Berlin are of course also allowed to take a look.

But let's get back to the festival!

As you know we asked a couple of fine DJs to come and work out some nice shifts at the turntables for you to have a sweet party. We are very much looking forward to Flemming (DK, Labrador Records), Luise and Sindyan on Friday, Natalie Stardust, Lea Posh!pop, Tim Gane (Stereolab), Alex Bechberger and the guys from Sonic Pop Allnighter on Saturday as well as Sleepyheadphone and Anders on Sunday.

And we have a special guest who will join us for an acoustic (hopefully) outdoor set: Rune Simonsen will perform a couple of songs from his solo-project lagoonbird.

Lagoonbird - Anniversary by Breaking Olympic Records

Usually he is the singer/guitarist in the band Washington. We are pretty excited about that and look forward to seeing him live!

There are so many bands to see and meet we are looking forward to.
And last but not least we are looking forward to meeting you.

See you in a few minutes at Wasserturm Kreuzberg! Wuuut!!


Presale: last chance today

Hello hello,

this is not an ordinary Thursday, it's the last day of presale for the Indie Pop Days Festival this weekend which ALREADY STARTS TOMORROW (waah).  So if you wanna make sure to get in, please make use of this opportunity before midnight since we won't accept any incoming payments after that time.

You can get tickets for Saturday and Sunday combined. In case you can only make it to one of these festival-days the only option is buying tickets at the box office, just like on Friday.

Make sure to be there on time if you don't have a ticket already because the Wasserturm Kreuzberg isn't the largest place in the world, as you might remember from last year.


The old game: good news vs bad news

Hi you,

as we all know, weather is an idiot and never does what it's supposed to . If you don't believe us, please feel free to contact any farmer you like and be sure to get the same news over and over again in pretty colorful expressions.

Our advantage is we don't have much business with farming, which is why we can go inside and say: yeah, screw you, weather in general. And that is what we are going to do this weekend.

Since the weatherforecast can not exactly decide what we are going to have this weekend, we'll make sure everyone's having a good time and pretty much skip the outdoor-concert-part for safety's sake.

This means, on the sad face side, no sunny concerts, no blinking into the bright sun, but on the happy face side it means you can leave your wellies at home and have more space for extraordinary merch stuff, if you like, no walking around on muddy grounds and no danger of getting the sharp end of an  umbrella in your eye while standing in a crowd and getting wet from rain.

We can live with that and it's not that we will never let you out of the Wasserturm Kreuzberg. There will still be music outside, brought to you by supergreat DJs or remix-artists, we are going to put some food outside in a tent and even though we let the bands play inside, we still pray for some sunlight because if the sun shines there is a surprise waiting for you outside on Sunday.

So, what do you say? We hope we didn't destroy your welly-outfit-plans and you can find something nice to wear. We are sure you will!

See you soo soon.


Who needs a telly, we're on the air!

Hi folks,

these weeks are supercrazy exciting. We are feverishly looking forward to this weekend's INDIE POP DAYS!

And we are tremendously glad to be given the opportunity of talking about our festival with two radioshow-hosts! One of these two interviews already happened and has been recorded, but for the other one we are going to be live in the studio, so here's plenty of options for you listening to our slight babble talk and a couple of beautiful indiepop-tunes.

It was so so so nice of Kathy Twinem to have us for an interview and we are glad she dedicated a complete hour of air-time to our dear festival and the music we all are going to experience this weekend already. Kathy is host at byte.fm and you can listen to our interview this wednesday at 6 p.m. Tune in!

Furthermore we are going to be live in the flux fm-studio thursday 6.10 p.m. It's worth tuning in because there is a chance of winning two times two tickets for the Indie Pop Days-weekend! Flux fm also invited Woodpigeon for an interview. They are going to be in the studio Friday afternoon, in case you are interested! Sorry Gilberto have also been invited by the lovely Radio 1 and will be interviewed Friday evening at 7.30 pm. This is something for everyone who can't make it to the festival at all (poor you) or will only miss the Friday (still: poor you!). And this is the last chance to win tickets for the Indie Pop Days 2011! Radio 1 is giving out two times two tickets for the weekend, too.

You can listen to both radiostations online and in case you are located in Berlin or Stuttgart it's also possible to receive motor.fm with your ordinary kitchen-radio.

you'll hear from us!


Aww, one more week to go? Sorry, we can't wait anymore

Hi everyone!

It's a week from now untill the Indie Pop Days Berlin 2011 start and we all meet. We expect our festival to be ridiculously great and very much look forward to meeting you and the bands.
Since we are not exactly the patient kind of people we decided to give you a tiny little taste of the Indie Pop Days already tomorrow.

So let's meet at the King Kong Klub in Berlin, Mitte (Brunnenstrasse 173) and enjoy good tunes, nice company, cool drinks and the pleasant anticipation towards Indie Pop Days!! We are not alone behind the turntables, some of the Sonic Pop Allnighter (Punk New Wave Sixties French Beat IndiePop) and Kostja (Lo-fi, Chillwave, Noise) are coming over to join us for a great night.

There is even a special treat, because you can get your weekend-festival-ticket for only 30 Euro instead of 32 Euro. And we will have some of our totebags with us for sale and for you to show off.

In case you already have been at the King Kong Klub you know the deal. Entrance is free as a bird, but there are two Euro extra on the first drink. That money is for the DJs and we are going to spend it well on even more records to play them to you!

We will be there from 10 p.m. on and probably stay there the whole night, so step by and say hello whenever you want!

See you all tomorrow!


Well, but when should I be there?

Hi everyone,

it's done and we finally organised the timetable for our very dear Indie Pop Days Festival 2011. Stage-times may still shift a little, which is why we only announce which band is playing what day for now.

Friday (26th) doors at 7 p.m.

Der elegante Rest (GER)
Woodpigeon (CAN)
Television Keeps Us Apart (SWE)
Darren Hanlon (AUS)

Saturday (27th) doors at 2.30 p.m.
Sorry Gilberto (GER)
Young Wrists (ITA)
Nils Folke Valdemar (SWE)
Kristallin (GER)
Clay Hips (USA)
The Wave Pictures (UK)

Sunday (28th) doors at 2.30 p.m.
Sundae (ESP)
Our Blanket Skies (GER)
Amida (UK)
Pretend A Great Name (GER)
Soda Fountain Rag (NOR)
Wake The President (UK)

You might have recognized the two more changes there are.

Unfortunately Nikita from White Wishes moved back to Russia and can't get a visa for the time of our festival. This is just stupid and we are very unhappy, to say it in a nice way. Bureaucracy is a bitch, now we all know... Again... Their friends from Pretend A Great Name are going to fill White Wishes' slot and we are more than glad to have them.

Furthermore, we were sorry to hear that Electric Pop Group can't come due to health issues by one of the band members. It makes us sad to hear that not all of you are doing well. We hope for and wish all the best. Get well soon!!

So, now you know what band is going to play when, at least the date. As soon as we know the stage-time, we will pass that knowledge onto you!
See all of you sooo soon!!!

The new kid on the blog

Hello everyone!

The festival is not far away, one can almost hear the first chords but still it's not too late for some good news! We happily received the message that Soda Fountain Rag can make it to our festival and will play a set.

Say Hi to Soda Fountain Rag!

Soda Fountain Rag's music is a great kind of lo-fi indie-pop, sugarsweet with supersmart, catchy one-liners, written and produced by Ragnhild Hogstad Jordahl. She's on her own in the studio but not alone on tour, that would probably not be so much fun, which is why she is being accompanied live by Anders Kaasen (guitar) and Stian Nyheim (bass). If you haven't already, give it a listen!

Here's a clip from Soda Fountain Rag's gig at last year's London Popfest.


Two weeks until Indie Pop Days Berlin!!!

What to do with all this time on our hands? Well, that isn't exactly our problem these days. There are still one or two or three or eleven or even more things to do, before we are well prepared to welcome all of you who are going to join us for three days of puppy poppy perfect indie-music.

But some of you might want to have a little something to hold on to for the time being.
No problem at all!

You are probably already looking forward to Television Keeps Us Apart's gig, so do we. It's something special since they play their first show ever in Germany at our festival! In case you would like to rearrange your top-five-list of TKUA-songs, this is the opportunity. These nice people offer their latest EP for free download, which isn't a bad thing to do, right?

Compared to that our Soundcloud Mixtape is like a first date. Please just listen, don't touch! Sort of a weird comparison, but this friday is making us feel silly, so what the flip.

Thank you for reading!

Good night and good luck


It's all about the music

Dear reader,

whew it's only a couple of days until the festival is due and we finally
- get to meet all you fine people again
- see a couple of our favorite bands on stage
- dance to the tunes of our DJ-Friends
- have that great weekend, we've waited for a long time!

That is going to be a blast. Do you agree or would you like another reason why you shouldn't miss the Indie Pop Days 2011? It's easy! Take a listen at our Soundcloud-Mixtape and hear for yourself! Every band that is listed, will be playing at the festival, in fact, at the festival there are going to be even more bands!

The first two smartypartys who find out what bands are missing, get one of our favorite INDIE POP DAYS BERLIN 2011 posters, just be quick and post them in the comments.

Here's a hint: it's not a vampire-band.

Good luck and see you all so soon!


Puschen Festival at Festsaal Kreuzberg Tonite: wuut wuut!

Hi everyone,

you may have heard it already but it is still true: this very thursday and tomorrows friday Puschen Fest is on the plate! It's 18 Euro each day or 32 Euro for both days and there are going to play some splendid bands!
See for yourself:


Star Slinger



Washed Out





Chad van Gaalen


Where should I stay?

Already bought the ticket but your Berlin based friends are all on holiday? Well, that is not such a big deal, since we thought about a couple of hostels, hotels and other options for the sleepy part during you stay in Berlin.

Have a look at our recommendations and feel free to comment anything you would like to add!

If you have any more questions just get in touch and we'll help you as much as we can.

23 days more, we are really looking forward to this!