Indie Pop Days Pictures are on!

Thanks so much to our dear photographer Matthias Heiderich!
(By the way the pictures on the wall at Multilayerladen are part of his current exhibition, cool huh?)


Bye Bye Love

by Matthias Heiderich

Buhuuu Indie Pop Days are already over! Beautiful memories and lots of pictures (coming soon here) are all what's left for us. But oh yeah we'd like to give you big hugs and kisses! Thanks for coming, dancing, singing and clapping - it was an ace weekend for all of us and a great experience of course. We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. And we'd like to thank all of the lovely Bands and DJs, you all did amazing and heartwarming performances! And last but not least thumbs up for all the people at Multilayerladen, Wasserturm & Golgatha and thanks to Märkisches Landbrot, Wostok and Rote Raupe.de for the support of our first ever Festival!


The festival's on!

Indie Pop Days started with a blast at Multilayerladen yesterday! The place was packed! Thanks everyone for coming. We loved Bart Cumming's performance, Stars In Coma and parts of them playing songs by their side projects was awesome AND to top that Renée from Liechtenstein gave a spontaneous solo set. So in a nutshell that was a great night!

We let the fun continue today: we have Lucky Soul, The Felt Tips, Pocketbooks, The Sunny Street, Labrador, Le Man Avec Les Lunettes and Still Corners playing from 3:30pm! Doors open around 3pm.
Later the party will move to Golgatha (after midnight) at Viktoria Park. Don't miss it!


Indie Pop Days starts...

...tonight at Multilayerladen! Woohooo!

And we have bad and good news for you.
The bad one: due to illness Entertainment for the Braindead canceled her show, we are very sad about that! Get well soon Julia!

But lucky you, here comes the good news for today: Renée from beloved Liechtenstein will do a solo show! We are very happy to have her live at Multilayerladen and we hope you'll appreciate this line-up change as much as we do!

The Doors will open a bit later as announct: 9pm

See you there!
Love from Let's kiss and and make up


If Rain..

.. should come in sight on Saturday we're going to chase it away. So far the weather forecast is looking good. 17°C, a bit cloudy and a 85 percent chance of no rain whatever that means. Let's just hope we will stay dry.
We changed the times on Saturday again, have a look here for an updated schedule and here for an updated booklet.
You have three and a half hours left to pre-order your weekend ticket! You better should if you want to get in on Sunday to see Allo Darlin', Ray Rumours and The Embassy amongst others! Get your ticket here.

A recommendation for everyone who's into graphic design, typography and books: Motto's Art Book Fair "Unter dem Motto 2010" presenting 70+ publishers from all over the world will take place on September 3rd to 5th on Skalitzerstraße 68. If you have time left between waking up and the festival afternoons and evenings, go there!

Can't wait to see everyone!
The fab four from Let's fish and fake frogs