When life gets at you...

Hi everyone,

we were so sure everything was fixed but as it happens from time to time, we were not sure enough.

Let's start from the beginning. You might remember how excited we were to present Aberdeen to you. The band confirmed, they would like to play at the Indie Pop Days Festival 2011 and we were happy. But unfortunately there were some disagreements within the band, which is why we were told, there might be some problems, but none one couldn't solve.

It went from 'we are playing' to 'we are playing friday' to 'we are not sure we are going to make it' to 'we are coming!' to 'We can't make it'. And that was it... Whew, what a ride!

We are sorry to tell you, we truly are, but Aberdeen can not make it to our festival. In case you want to return the ticket you already bought, we are unhappy not to see you at the festival, but that's totally your decision and not a problem. Just get in touch with us and we'll send your money back!

On the bright side, we are working on finding another group of musicians who would like to come and play on stage of our festival. We can't say much more about it for now, but be sure that we will let you know as soon as we figured something out.

And let's all be reminded there are a whole bunch of other great bands, in fact someone of us counted 16, which is quite an okay amount of music to experience for two days, don't you think? Among them for example The Wave Pictures with their beautiful song Like a Drummer:

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