Zero days to go!


Hi everyone,

even though we'll meet tonight there are a couple of things we want to let you know.
If you take a look at our premium edition schedule you can see we included every special treat we got for you during this festival.

Well, no. We didn't. There are a couple more things we have for you.

At first we thought some of you who travel a more or less long way to Berlin might want to stroll around in the city for a while. If you feel like doing that we have a list of recommendations regarding places, shops and fleamarkets we'd like to go to. Check it out! Those who live in Berlin are of course also allowed to take a look.

But let's get back to the festival!

As you know we asked a couple of fine DJs to come and work out some nice shifts at the turntables for you to have a sweet party. We are very much looking forward to Flemming (DK, Labrador Records), Luise and Sindyan on Friday, Natalie Stardust, Lea Posh!pop, Tim Gane (Stereolab), Alex Bechberger and the guys from Sonic Pop Allnighter on Saturday as well as Sleepyheadphone and Anders on Sunday.

And we have a special guest who will join us for an acoustic (hopefully) outdoor set: Rune Simonsen will perform a couple of songs from his solo-project lagoonbird.

Lagoonbird - Anniversary by Breaking Olympic Records

Usually he is the singer/guitarist in the band Washington. We are pretty excited about that and look forward to seeing him live!

There are so many bands to see and meet we are looking forward to.
And last but not least we are looking forward to meeting you.

See you in a few minutes at Wasserturm Kreuzberg! Wuuut!!

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