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After many festivals announced their dates for the festival summer 2012 we finally let you know that INDIE POP DAYS 2012 will take place from August, 31 -September 2.

After two very sucessful festivals in the water tower we decited to change the location. First we thought we wouldn't find the right place as we didn't want the ordinary club atmosphere with black walls, a lot of smoke or a club owner who wants our audience to leave the club immediately after the line-up in order to start another event.
So we were thinking and thinking and smoke already went out of our heads..

INDIE POP DAYS 2012? What could be a good location?

And then we had a chat with the lovely guys of Marie Antoinette. We already knew the club from some gigs- next to River Spree it could give us and the INDIE POP DAYS visitors a special holiday feeling that's why we thought: YES, THAT'S A PERFECT PLACE!

So whats new?

It's more Central.
It's in Mitte.
It's not a Water Tower.
It's in a S-BahnViaduct
It's also for nice People.
It's even more FUN!

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