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Here we give three clues to the third band we want to announce for our festival:

First clue:
A quote from the band's catering rider: "none of us are vegetarian (we're scottish!)"

Second clue:
The band already released some EPs  on WeePOP! - the beloved  DIY - label from London.

Third clue: 
The majority of the tracks on their new album appeared in a different version on their first album “Last Tango In Motherwell”, a CD album released back in 2005.

Any ideas? 

We are talking about  

The Just Joans!       Yeah!

The Just Joans - "Buckfast Bottles in the Rain"  was just released on WeePOP! is available on vinyl and comes with an extra cd!

The Just Joans -  "Hey Boy...You're Oh So Sensitive".

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