Je Suis Animal at Indie Pop Days 2012!

Je Suis Animal is a band that plays together since 2004. The songs impress through playful and magically sounds accompanied by mysterious lyrics that recall early Stereolab, Broadcast, Electrelane, and My Bloody Valentine. If you missed their great performance at our club night in 2009 you have a second chance now. They are playing at Indie Pop Days 2012!  It will be their only live show this year, performing a set of mostly new and some old material.

The band is currently working on their follow up to their debut “Self-taught magic from a book” (2008 Angular Records) and the new album should be ready for release springtime 2013. 

If you want to know more about Je Suis Animal here is an Interview with Elin and Anthony talking to Destination Pop when they played in Berlin in 2009. 

'The Mystery of Marie Roget' from the debut “Self-taught magic from a book”  was directed by Amund Hesbøl. The song is inspired by a crime story by Edgar Allan Poe from 1842. It is about a beautiful cigar girl who was found dead in the Hudson River.

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