The Holiday Crowd

Shortly after the release of their brilliant debut "Over The Bluffs" (on Shelflife/New Romantic For The World) there has been a lot of enthusiasm on the internet  (here) about these indie pop newcomers from Toronto, Canada. When you listen to their songs for the first time you are immediately reminded of the music of The Smiths: In fantastic tunes like "Never Speak Of It Again" and "While She Waits" the charismatic voice of singer Imran and jangly guitars on reverb recall the atmosphere of Morrissey's former band.

Imran Haniff and Colin Bowers founded the band after high school. They wrote some songs but never played live. After ten years, "the longest break a band has ever had" (Bowers), Imran and Colin decided to play together again. They were joined by Alex Roberts and David Barnes, who now play bass and drums. While the band played the first live gigs in small local clubs in 2011, they not long ago supported Paul Weller in Toronto.

The Holiday Crowd will play for the first time ever in Europe: at Indie Pop Days! We are really looking forward to hearing some of our favourite songs of the last months played live!

The video "While She Waits" was filmed by Street Folk Sessions in Toronto's historic Allan Gardens Park. It features a new acoustic arrangement of this smashing song.

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