Sleeping Policemen

Sleeping Policemen are serious people. They all have regular jobs but they still find time to make great pop music. In the course of some hard working months with sessions early in the morning and late at night the five-piece from Hamburg recorded their debut. The result is an overwhelming indie pop album, a rare and precious thing in the German music scene. Producer Rick McPhail, keyboard- and guitar player in the legendary band Tocotronic, did a great job. Playing on vintage instruments they write perfect pop songs like "Bonnie" that reminds of early Stereolab and Bella Vista. On other songs late Teenage Fanclub and US-indie-favourites Rocketship shine through. Four of the band members sing in close harmony while a leading voice perfects that sound with beautiful melodies.

No question: The debut of Sleeping Policemen is the perfect soundtrack for a journey with the car on a sunny sunday afternoon.

Here is the video to "High Skies" from Sleeping Policemen's self-titled debut, released on Shining Waters/Apricot in spring 2012.

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