The Fireworks play IPD!


No announcements for quite a while but today we can give you one more band who will come over to Berlin for the festival. We invited a London based band who never played in Germany before.

The Fireworks started out as Matthew singing some songs down the phone to people and then people trying to convince him that he should start a band... so he did! A dandelion radio session, gigs in London and playing indietracks last year has started the ball rolling. A single out this Summer on Big Pink Cake Records will offer a hazy noise up fuzz of Summer Summeryness.

The Fireworks are Matthew (Big Pink Cake), Emma (Pocketbooks), Carys (The Give It Ups), and Isabel (Twee As Fuck).  Harmonies, noise, fuzz, tambourines, catchy tunes... is kind of the order of the day and most definitely POP.

The Fireworks performing  "Higher And Higher".

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