10 days to go...

until the first band kicks off the third edition of the Indie Pop Days. But before there will be some other amusements and warm up classics.

First, we have the annual Warm Up Party at King Kong Klub this Friday night (August 24th.).

We'll bring tons of awesome records and tunes for singing and dancing along with. You just have to bring yourself and your friends and maybe some good dancing shoes.
Of course we'll play the records of our festival darlings
as well. Azure Blue, Cats on Fire, The Proctors, The Spook School etc. have so many danceable hits, it'll be hard to choose for us! Well, let's play them all! The entry is free as usual, but 2 Euro with your first drink.
+ There you'll have the chance to buy some special deal weekender tickets for 45€ each! Take your chance!

Second thing not to miss before the Festival starts is the DIIV (US, Beach Fossils, Captured Tracks) concert at Monarch (August 28th.) This venue is as cosy as Marie Antoinette and it'll be sold out soon - so you better get your tickets here.

We'll spin some of our favourite tunes before the show to get you in the right mood, and later the band will get us all in the mood for the festival weekend, that's for sure.

Don't believe us?
Watch the video of  "Sometime" below. We love this band and the debut record "Oshin" is really one of the records of the year!

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