You better did your homework for the Pop-Quiz with Anders!

Wow! What a first night! Some of us are still dancing to the fabulous Set of Sleater Timmy & Abso LuLou. Some of us are back on the internet.
First we'd like to thank our lovely Bands for superduper great shows: Fulhäst, The Spook School, Be Forest & Azure Blue and of course the Lofi-DJs for the terrific music inbetween the concerts.
And thanks to our beautiful and charming audience too!

But there is one thing we have to tell you, before we can go to sleep:

On Saturday afternoon you are invited to come to the beergarden Republik Frank und Frei for the Pop Quiz. Of course it's free! Just join us there.

Before the saturdays concerts, at 5 to 6 pm, Anders is going to challenge your popcultural knowledge at one of the toughest battles ever (almost and maybe). Let's find out who scores the most points in this tough game! Will there be a reward? Fame and honor for the winner/winning team, maybe some gifts too? Well, we will find out Saturday in the afternoon, so be there or be square.

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