Thank you all!

Meeeeeh how could that be? Are the Indie Pop Days No.3 already over? Time is always running so fast when we have the biggest fun in our lives. But that's good old life, isn't it?! Now we are just very happy about an amazing super awesome fantastic weekend with so much P!O!P music, beautiful people, great & warm atmosphere, dancing, singing, hugging and now it's the time to say THANK You again:

Fulhäst, The Spook School, Be Forest, Azure Blue, Lo-Fi DJs, Sleater Timmy & Abso LuLou, Leiv Reed (special guest/acoustic show at the Bus, Republik Frank und Frei), Anders (Popquiz Master & DJ), Stars In Coma, The Fireworks, The Holiday Crowd, Je Suis Animal, Sonic Pop Allnighter, Big Pink Cake + DJ Ian Cowen, The Proctors, The Just Joans, Sleeping Policemen, Cats On Fire, Natalie Stardust, Norwegian Recordbox: Anders + Tandberg, the whole staff at Marie Antoinette & Republik Frank und Frei, the sound engineers, our lovely box office girls & boys, Lina for the drawings, Nina for all her warm words on stage (watch the video above!), Roman (Apfel Zet) for the whole outstanding Artwork & Design, our mediapartners taz, zitty, byteFM, Aloha surfsoda and everyone who helped and supported us to make this third edition of the Indie Pop Days possible and unforgettable.

And of course we thank our audience (our local, national and international guests!), for beeing such enthusiastic music fans (and for still buying records & merch), good looking dancers, and yeah first and foremost pretty lovely people. We love you all!

Hugs & love from the Indie Pop Days Girls xx

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  1. http://www.mediafire.com/download/z897c7152532ti1/Bongley_Dead_-_Demo_n.3_(2014).rar