First Band Confirmations!

Hello everybody,

the time has come: we received the first confirmations and are very happy to welcome the following bands:
- Sorry Gilberto: listen to their music or read about the band's album Oh Memory. What we like about Sorry Gilberto is, how the lyrics silently but insistently enrole a sometimes clear, sometimes blurry picture.
- Je suis Animal: you might know their single 'hotel electrique' if you are around sometimes during our dj-sets. It is a song we really like to play! Check here if you do. We are glad they can make it!
- White Wishes are also joining our beautiful festival. It is this kind of music that makes us dance. We are looking forward to do so and hope you will all join us!

But what about you? We would love to read what you think about the bands, did you know them before? Do you like the music? Are there any other bands you think could possibly play at Indie Pop Days? Don't be shy, let us know! Just leave a comment below this post.

Thank you!


  1. I would love to see:

    The Would-Be-Goods
    Mire Kay
    Lost Summer Kitten
    Tiger Tape

    I would love to see again:
    Allo Darlin' (of course)
    Ray Rumours

  2. I'd love to play at your festival! We're "Der Englische Garten" from Munich. I just receive the information about your festival through "Der Elegante Rest", with whom we played in Munich some time ago.
    Here's the link to our myspace-site:


    I'm planning to spend some time in Berlin this summer anyway. So it would be perfect!!!
    Please contact:

  3. It would also be great if 'The Garlands' play. If 'The Happy Couple' - the best German indie pop band I know - regrouped for the festival, that would be a dream coming true.

    By the way, I am looking forward to 'Je suis Animal' and thanks for adverting to Sorry Gilberto. Nice music!

  4. Hello everyone,

    thanks for your input! We will consider your thoughts and see what we can do to invite the bands over. Matthias, I just saw The Garlands are playing this year at Indietracks Festival, which is a nice venue, too. And you are right, they are a great band. Nice to hear you like Sorry Gilberto!

    @Axel: I am going to forward your emailadress to the booking-people and we'll see what we can do.
    You are going to hear from us!