Thank god it's friday

Dear reader,

if you're happy about the weekend clap your hands (clap clap).
But oh no! It's still not time for Indie Pop Days. That is a bummer, but please don't be sad.

We thought about good ideas for things cool kids would like to do at this weekend and are well-prepared to come up with a couple of ideas!
Only condition is: you are in Berlin at the moment.

At first you might want to paint your nails in a nice color. Spring is just around the corner so why don't you choose something bright like yellow or apricot. Another option could be a dark green. While doing this or something completely different look at the homepage of metronomy. They are going to release their new album soon and you can already download the ridiculously fancy single 'she wants' + look at the stylish video to 'the look'. Nice Nice Nice!!

So, your nails are dried and you are prepared to go out? Well, take a look at Matthias Heiderichs pictures in Friedrichshain. He is celebrating a vernissage today at Spot Galery and would definitely be happy to see you! Maybe you remember him, he shot a lot of beautiful photos at last year's Indie Pop Days Festival.

There will still be time enough to visit a nice concert after that. That is going to be a tough decision between the Cut Up Festival at
NBI or Agent Side Grinder at Levee (Ex-Bang Bang Club). In case you can't decide at all, maybe you want to go to multilayerladen and find out what anarchic performance poetry is.

Whatever you do, we hope you have a nice weekend and enjoy yourself as well as your company. Watch out, next week is going to be exciting, since we already have our first band confirmations for the festival!!

P.S.: spring starts!

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