Who would have guessed that!

Hello beloved reader,

at first we would like to thank you for your suggestions and ideas. They really inspired us and we heard about a couple of bands we already knew though, some of them we even had in mind for the festival, too, and some of them not but, considered requesting them. So that went well!
We are happy about this fact because it proved to us that a couple of people share our taste in music. That is comforting for us doing a festival, that would be a liiittle expensive, if we were the only ones who are interested in the bands that are going to play.

Speaking of bands that are going to play. There is another reason why we are excited to quite an extend.
It is no longer just rumor that Aberdeen are going to play at our very dear festival! We think it is a huge honor since the band split up twice already (1995, when Sarah Records shut down, and then again 2005, after the member's interest for other projects grew), to host this formidable band! Aberdeen announced a reunion-show at The San Francisco Pop Fest on 05/26/2011. There are no more shows planned for now. Except one gig in Berlin at the INDIE POP DAYS FESTIVAL! yay!!

We think this is a good reason to attend the festival as a guest, even if it is only for seeing one of the three bands from the US that were signed to Sarah Records. Check here if you already have rsvp'ed on facebook in case you are attending! And check back on this blog again soon, since we have a lot more pretty good news!

Yours sincerely.
The Indie Pop Festival Girls

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