Concert-Alert: Papercuts and Our Blanket Skies tomorrow!

Hi to our adorable readers,

this weekend includes an opportunity for all of you! And by saying 'an' we mean two.
We are pretty glad to tell you that Papercuts are going to play their european tour's final show in Berlin. The concert has been booked by Puschen, who always know really great and interesting bands so who would want to miss that? Right. Nobody.

Let's get to the practical facts. The concert is going to happen
  1. tomorrow, Saturday evening
  2. at the Comet Club in Kreuzberg
  3. and it's going to be really cool.

You might want to be on time (9 pm), because the second opportunity is also quite a treat! Our blanket skies is going to perform a couple of songs and as we all know he will be playing at our Indie Pop Days Festival, too.

It is going to be super duper, that's what we are betting on. And if you miss Our Blanket Skies, well, don't be too sad, because he will be playing again. It's just that every show is unique, but one can't always make it on time, eh?

We hope to see you at the concert.
Nonetheless, whatever you do, have a marvellous weekend with lots of stuff you like!

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