Last but definitely not least: Young Wrists, Television Keeps Us Apart & Woodpigeon

Hi fellow followers,

the time has come to announce that we are through with booking. We are happy about the confirmations we received and really look forward to the festival with every single band that is going to play. Hopefully (we are 99% sure) you like them, too. Tell us, what do you think about the last four bands we proudly announce today?

Let's start this last round with Young Wrists, a lo-fi-duo from Italy. Alberto and Letizia make nice 80ies synthie- lo-fi-pop and on their second album wasted youth they actually also sing about this century, or to be more precise, about one specific event that took place in June 1986.

Young Wrists / July 1986 from Enrico Boccioletti on Vimeo.

What event might that have been? We are still wondering. Maybe there is a chance to find out more about this when we meet in person, because Young Wrists are going to play at the Indie Pop Days Festival as well, which is benissimo!

Young Wrists

If you wanted to visit the next band you'd have to move much more north, so it's a good thing they are also playing in Berlin, way more comfy! It's a pleasure for us to host Television keeps us apart from Stockholm, Sweden. Check out their website and download the fabulous album 'A Slight Change Of Light' for free.

Television keeps us apart

Speaking of new albums. Woodpigeon (from Calgary, Alberta in Canada) released a new album called Fra Le Nuvole, which they are going to present to us live in concert at the Indie Pop Days. You can stream one of the albums they released last year on their homepage, they also have a ABBA-cover as youtube-clip, which we very much appreciate, since some of us are deeply in love with the ABBA-sound. Yeah well, sue us! Just kidding, please don't! There are a couple of nice vids at their homepage, we chose this to present their sound, in case you haven't heard of Woodpigeon before.

So that should be it regarding the booking! We will get back to you next week for more information about the presale, (hopefully) final changes and lifesavingly essential facts regarding your life'n'leisuretime in Berlin.

Have a great time, everyone and check in again, soon.

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