Guide to experience a great weekend in a couple of steps

Phew, there is a lot going on these days. It's all about fashion and clothes and stuff at the moment, since there's this tiny little Berlin Fashion Week going on.

But there is more to experience than the runwayshows and high-class invitation-only-superduper whatever-events, let me tell you! For example there's the Moderummel at Rummelsburger Bucht. The magic is going to happen from Friday afternoon 3 p.m. until the last guest has left the beach! You can experience fashion, there is also going to be a runwayshow and a fashionmarket with young designers presenting their ideas of fashion. Chances are high to find a nice piece of fine cloth-art, but save some money for the bar and, of course, the rest of the weekend.

There are a whole bunch of opportunities on how to spend your Saturday. Let's say, you've had enough of the troubles and need a quiet, peaceful day. Well, in case the weather is friendly, why don't you make a trip to the Wannsee or hop on your bike for a ride through Brandenburg. Go by S-Bahn as far out of the city as you can and then find out on your own, where the street leads you to. A card as a safety-backup is a good idea and nothing to be ashamed of! In case you are more the type of person who never gets enough of the excitement, Berlin always has to offer, go and check out Berlin Wedding Dress #6 but make sure not to get an consuming-overkill since there is this very dear fleamarket with some pretty nice and cool persons waiting for you to step by (already told you about). Saturday night? Well, do I have to remind you that the open-air cinema-season has started?

Sunday is going to be a very nice day! After a walk at the Mauerpark fleamarket in Prenzlauer Berg and a couple of hours in the sun, join us at the Volksbühne for the Abschlusskonzert with Esben & the Witch, Deerhoof and Tu Fawning.Better hurry up and buy a ticket before it's sold out.

Did you already have plans or better ideas than ours? Let us know!
However, have a great weekend. We'll meet at the fleamarket, don't we?

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