Fleamarkets are fun, everybody knows that!

Especially when there are so many nice things to find like at the Mauerpark on Sundays. This time a visit is going to be even more worthy to consider, because some of us will be selling awesome stuff. There are going to be a couple of nice dresses, some rare vinyl to buy and as a special treat we have our new INDIE POP DAYS bags for you to purchase.

That's all? Nope.
We also have a special offer for everyone who buys a ticket at our fleamarket-stand. Come visit us and get your INDIE POP DAYS Festival weekend-ticket for just 30 Euro each!

Well, that sounds great, but how would i recognize you, one might think. And we have the solution to that, too. In case you can't see us right away, just follow the sound of our portable record-player!

Usually we are not a jukebox, but if you want to recommend one of your favorite tunes on vinyl, why don't you bring it and we can listen to it together. Or suggest them in the comments so we can figure out if we already own the record and there won't be any need for you to carry it all the way there!


The fleamarket starts at around 10 a.m. and lasts until 6 p.m. We are very much looking forward to meeting you there and hope you find some nice things among our stuff and/or at the rest of the market! But even if you don't do the live-karaoke is worth a visit and a tune. 

So let's all hope for nice weather and meet at the Mauerparkmarkt!

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