Some good news, some not-so-good news

Hi everyone,

today we need to announce something that made us sort of unhappy but it has to get out.
Unfortunately Je Suis Animal can't come to this year's Indie Pop Days. We know they were really looking forward to playing at our beloved festival but due to personal problems they just can't make it. We will think of you, members of Je Suis Animal. Maybe another time!
Until then there are still their albums we can listen to.

So that was the sad part of the story. The happy part is that we found another band we are very happy to announce: they call themselves Sundae and make adorable Indiepop/Shoegaze en Español! Even if not everyone of us aces at Spanish we still like to listen to their tunes and are happy to welcome Sundae to Indie Pop Days!

You might want to find out for yourself if you like Sundae, too. Even though we are pretty sure about it, you can download a couple of songs at Sundae's homepage!
We are curious what you think, so feel free, as always, to leave a comment!

Hope to hear from you!
Have a nice weekend.

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