It's all about the music

Dear reader,

whew it's only a couple of days until the festival is due and we finally
- get to meet all you fine people again
- see a couple of our favorite bands on stage
- dance to the tunes of our DJ-Friends
- have that great weekend, we've waited for a long time!

That is going to be a blast. Do you agree or would you like another reason why you shouldn't miss the Indie Pop Days 2011? It's easy! Take a listen at our Soundcloud-Mixtape and hear for yourself! Every band that is listed, will be playing at the festival, in fact, at the festival there are going to be even more bands!

The first two smartypartys who find out what bands are missing, get one of our favorite INDIE POP DAYS BERLIN 2011 posters, just be quick and post them in the comments.

Here's a hint: it's not a vampire-band.

Good luck and see you all so soon!


  1. You're missing the Wave Pictures and Sorry Gilberto!

    And of course, from what I understand, White Wishes is no longer playing... :)

  2. 1: Wave Pictures
    2: Sorry Gilberto


  3. You're both lucky, send us a mail to indiepopdays@googlemail.com
    thx :)