Two weeks until Indie Pop Days Berlin!!!

What to do with all this time on our hands? Well, that isn't exactly our problem these days. There are still one or two or three or eleven or even more things to do, before we are well prepared to welcome all of you who are going to join us for three days of puppy poppy perfect indie-music.

But some of you might want to have a little something to hold on to for the time being.
No problem at all!

You are probably already looking forward to Television Keeps Us Apart's gig, so do we. It's something special since they play their first show ever in Germany at our festival! In case you would like to rearrange your top-five-list of TKUA-songs, this is the opportunity. These nice people offer their latest EP for free download, which isn't a bad thing to do, right?

Compared to that our Soundcloud Mixtape is like a first date. Please just listen, don't touch! Sort of a weird comparison, but this friday is making us feel silly, so what the flip.

Thank you for reading!

Good night and good luck

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