The old game: good news vs bad news

Hi you,

as we all know, weather is an idiot and never does what it's supposed to . If you don't believe us, please feel free to contact any farmer you like and be sure to get the same news over and over again in pretty colorful expressions.

Our advantage is we don't have much business with farming, which is why we can go inside and say: yeah, screw you, weather in general. And that is what we are going to do this weekend.

Since the weatherforecast can not exactly decide what we are going to have this weekend, we'll make sure everyone's having a good time and pretty much skip the outdoor-concert-part for safety's sake.

This means, on the sad face side, no sunny concerts, no blinking into the bright sun, but on the happy face side it means you can leave your wellies at home and have more space for extraordinary merch stuff, if you like, no walking around on muddy grounds and no danger of getting the sharp end of an  umbrella in your eye while standing in a crowd and getting wet from rain.

We can live with that and it's not that we will never let you out of the Wasserturm Kreuzberg. There will still be music outside, brought to you by supergreat DJs or remix-artists, we are going to put some food outside in a tent and even though we let the bands play inside, we still pray for some sunlight because if the sun shines there is a surprise waiting for you outside on Sunday.

So, what do you say? We hope we didn't destroy your welly-outfit-plans and you can find something nice to wear. We are sure you will!

See you soo soon.

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