Who needs a telly, we're on the air!

Hi folks,

these weeks are supercrazy exciting. We are feverishly looking forward to this weekend's INDIE POP DAYS!

And we are tremendously glad to be given the opportunity of talking about our festival with two radioshow-hosts! One of these two interviews already happened and has been recorded, but for the other one we are going to be live in the studio, so here's plenty of options for you listening to our slight babble talk and a couple of beautiful indiepop-tunes.

It was so so so nice of Kathy Twinem to have us for an interview and we are glad she dedicated a complete hour of air-time to our dear festival and the music we all are going to experience this weekend already. Kathy is host at byte.fm and you can listen to our interview this wednesday at 6 p.m. Tune in!

Furthermore we are going to be live in the flux fm-studio thursday 6.10 p.m. It's worth tuning in because there is a chance of winning two times two tickets for the Indie Pop Days-weekend! Flux fm also invited Woodpigeon for an interview. They are going to be in the studio Friday afternoon, in case you are interested! Sorry Gilberto have also been invited by the lovely Radio 1 and will be interviewed Friday evening at 7.30 pm. This is something for everyone who can't make it to the festival at all (poor you) or will only miss the Friday (still: poor you!). And this is the last chance to win tickets for the Indie Pop Days 2011! Radio 1 is giving out two times two tickets for the weekend, too.

You can listen to both radiostations online and in case you are located in Berlin or Stuttgart it's also possible to receive motor.fm with your ordinary kitchen-radio.

you'll hear from us!

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