Well, but when should I be there?

Hi everyone,

it's done and we finally organised the timetable for our very dear Indie Pop Days Festival 2011. Stage-times may still shift a little, which is why we only announce which band is playing what day for now.

Friday (26th) doors at 7 p.m.

Der elegante Rest (GER)
Woodpigeon (CAN)
Television Keeps Us Apart (SWE)
Darren Hanlon (AUS)

Saturday (27th) doors at 2.30 p.m.
Sorry Gilberto (GER)
Young Wrists (ITA)
Nils Folke Valdemar (SWE)
Kristallin (GER)
Clay Hips (USA)
The Wave Pictures (UK)

Sunday (28th) doors at 2.30 p.m.
Sundae (ESP)
Our Blanket Skies (GER)
Amida (UK)
Pretend A Great Name (GER)
Soda Fountain Rag (NOR)
Wake The President (UK)

You might have recognized the two more changes there are.

Unfortunately Nikita from White Wishes moved back to Russia and can't get a visa for the time of our festival. This is just stupid and we are very unhappy, to say it in a nice way. Bureaucracy is a bitch, now we all know... Again... Their friends from Pretend A Great Name are going to fill White Wishes' slot and we are more than glad to have them.

Furthermore, we were sorry to hear that Electric Pop Group can't come due to health issues by one of the band members. It makes us sad to hear that not all of you are doing well. We hope for and wish all the best. Get well soon!!

So, now you know what band is going to play when, at least the date. As soon as we know the stage-time, we will pass that knowledge onto you!
See all of you sooo soon!!!

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