Aww, one more week to go? Sorry, we can't wait anymore

Hi everyone!

It's a week from now untill the Indie Pop Days Berlin 2011 start and we all meet. We expect our festival to be ridiculously great and very much look forward to meeting you and the bands.
Since we are not exactly the patient kind of people we decided to give you a tiny little taste of the Indie Pop Days already tomorrow.

So let's meet at the King Kong Klub in Berlin, Mitte (Brunnenstrasse 173) and enjoy good tunes, nice company, cool drinks and the pleasant anticipation towards Indie Pop Days!! We are not alone behind the turntables, some of the Sonic Pop Allnighter (Punk New Wave Sixties French Beat IndiePop) and Kostja (Lo-fi, Chillwave, Noise) are coming over to join us for a great night.

There is even a special treat, because you can get your weekend-festival-ticket for only 30 Euro instead of 32 Euro. And we will have some of our totebags with us for sale and for you to show off.

In case you already have been at the King Kong Klub you know the deal. Entrance is free as a bird, but there are two Euro extra on the first drink. That money is for the DJs and we are going to spend it well on even more records to play them to you!

We will be there from 10 p.m. on and probably stay there the whole night, so step by and say hello whenever you want!

See you all tomorrow!

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